Monday, April 25, 2016

The Poem Formerly Known as Clerhiew about the Artist Formerly Known as Prince

The first musical experience I can recall with the legendary Prince
was oddly enough, in England, during a foreign-exchange stint.
Some Brits and I wore out a CD of Diamonds and Pearls,
Watched Purple Rain endlessly, until our eyelids curled.


  1. I love reading about Prince connections with fans. I have a very fuzzy connection with Prince but it's a great time for me to get to know his music now... I've been downloading... Do you have suggestions Brian for a brand new Prince fan?

    1. Plenty of compilations, BK, to explore Prince's range -- and reign :) For starters, check out Ultimate Prince or The Hits & B Sides (multiple volumes). I actually had luck recently revisiting these via the local library's subscription to the Hoopla digital service.

  2. I just talked with my daughter about Prince yesterday, who spoke of her excitement whenever a new album was announced. She has clear memories, like your poem. Beautiful that you connected in a poem.

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  4. Love this tribute to a wonderfully creative musician and icon!

  5. I always learn something reading your slices! I had to google what a clerihew was.... How cool to have had that experience while studying abroad. My Prince memory is Julia Roberts singing "Kiss" in the bathtub in Pretty Woman. :)

  6. I too had to look up clerihew. There are Prince posts and connections everywhere I look these days. I like yours best. It's these personal connections that make these stars feel like we know them. I love the line - until our eyelids curled.