Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Change | Never Change

Turns out the answer to the semi-rhetorical question at the end of my first entry was: No, I can’t keep the blog ball rolling. Or at least, not steadily. Thankfully, in a Twitter chat today at #bfc530, a participant noted that my comment would make a good blog post, which proved to be just the shove I needed. I wrote about sharing “1 thing that's changed about us as learners & 1 thing we'd *never* imagine changing," so here are my two things.

I’m proud of this change, but I’m also a little embarrassed to admit how passive a learner I’ve been in the past. As student and teacher, I’ve too often waited for learning to come to me, delivered by those willing (or left with no choice but) to shoulder that responsibility. The change is I now clamber into the learning driver’s seat, actively asking lots of questions, seeking answers from virtual and actual sources, and then asking more questions.

When it comes to what I’d never change as a learner, old-school reading tops the list. Sure, I can learn from lectures, video tutorials, or even words on screens, but there’s nothing that beats a quiet moment with print to plant idea seeds in my brain.