Monday, March 28, 2016

Another way teaching keeps me young - 3.28 #sol16 Story Challenge

I still carry memories of riding the bus as an elementary-school student. The bus stop was on the edge of a grassy field, so the other kids and I would play spirited games of tag until someone saw a flash of yellow rounding the corner. "Bus!" that someone would yell, leading the rest of us to scramble to our line of waiting backpacks.

Many years later, I still take a bus to school several times per week. While I have traded the quintessential goldenrod cladding for comparatively humdrum public-transit colors, other things in this transportation transaction haven't changed.

For instance, I find myself running to catch the bus about once per month. See, I've got the walk to the stop timed to a fairly reliable eight minutes under optimal conditions -- i.e., dry sidewalks. Despite knowing this immutable timing, I nevertheless walk out the front door, on occasion, with a mere 6-7 minutes to spare. What can I say? My morning routine is tenuous and easily disrupted. Maybe I miscalculate the time needed to bag up the day's lunch; maybe I neglect to put something into or take something out of my school bag, so have to double back to my desk; maybe (like this morning) I get sucked into reading just one more page of magazine over my bowl of cereal.

Whatever the cause, the inelegant effect is: I run -- jog lightly, really -- since walking will no longer do (and the next bus isn't for another 30 minutes). These moments make me recall my younger self, older me grinning inwardly with rueful humor at how far I've come and yet haven't.


  1. I enjoyed reading your comment sharing your post and how you took a student's comment to this.

  2. Kid you lives to run for the bus another day! Favorite line="My morning routine is tenuous and easily disrupted." If I had to catch the bus, I would probably not even make the one that arrives 30 minutes later.

    1. At some point, I figure my calculus will flip from, "Run!" to "Time to drive yourself, dummy." Not there yet :)

  3. I love that you still ride a bus to school . Kudos to you!

  4. Yup, no leisurely breakfast for you...
    The good thing about the bus is that you can read more of that magazine while traveling.

  5. I love the connection between your young self and older self. Too bad you can't play games with your friends while waiting, but I guess you have leisure time with yourself while eating breakfast.

  6. It's so funny... That would totally stress me out! I am always early for trains and planes... Don't usually take a bus but I'd be early for that if I was!

  7. This reminds me of the time when I decided the bus wasn't coming. I think you were already gone on the middle school bus. I set out on foot, ducking in the woods on occassion. I made it two of the four miles before getting picked up, ahem...caught

    Keep writing...