Thursday, March 24, 2016

Black- & white-outs - 3.24 #sol16 Story Challenge

Note: Drafted this slice as prose, then revised as free verse because 'Why not?'

Heavy, wet snow,
15-plus inches,
slathered Colorado
this fourth day of spring.
Snow sat fatly in tree branches,
bending most, snapping some,
betraying frailty in countless lines.
Each outage proved short-lived,
but I started blaming myself.

Did resetting blinking clocks
or cycling routers and modems
send a sign to the juice utility
to flip off some big switch again,
just for laughs?
I needed a new plan,
a couch and a book.

Before accepting this course
of less resistance,
my friend and I risked
snow-choked roads
to try for our favorite ski hill.
Same flakes that inspired our expedition
blocked us from our goal.

Was the height of whiteness, I wonder,
the wind-whipped world through which we crept
or my friend's pearl knuckles, gripping the wheel?


  1. Perfect for free verse - loved the "height of whiteness...your friend's pearl knuckles gripping the wheel." I hope you finally succumbed to the couch and book idea!

  2. You brought back memories--not sure if they were good or bad. I used to live in Northern Montana and those white knuckles could have been anyone I know. In my old age I have learned to ALWAYS choose the book. :)

  3. I love the idea of the utility company just waiting for you to reset those clocks! Love this poem...wishing you spring weather, though.

  4. We missed the big storm as we were on spring break. Were you shorting for Eldora or beyond?

    1. More ambitious, foolishly so: Winter Park. A student today told me how great Eldora was the day of this storm :)