Friday, March 4, 2016

Dance Dance Evolution - 3.4 #sol16 Story Challenge

I noticed learning happen Thursday in a mere minute.

Setting: Gymnasium | Players: A bunch of middle-school students; two eighth graders, in particular | Set-up: Raucous assembly of Minute To Win It events, including pairs of contestants -- one with an empty tissue box belted to her back and a ping pong ball resting inside, the other ready to collect the ping pong ball once it had been shaken loose, only to be reloaded for another go. The team with the most times freeing the plastic ball in a minute would win (it?).

When the timer started, each contestant with the tissue box exploded into mad gyrations. I saw hyperactive twists, hula-hoop moves gone wild, addled approximations of belly dancing. Gobs of energy were doubtless being spent, but nary a ping pong ball could be seen. Then, the pair closest to me caught my attention. They were doing something different from everyone else. The tissue boxer was jumping up and down. Just two or three jumps had the ping pong ball neatly popping out of the box, bouncing off the cardboard lip, landing gently in her partner's open hand. A beat later, the ball went back in the box, and the pattern repeated. In a minute, they freed the ball a stunning 20 times.

Call it trial and error, guess and check, fail forward, iteration, revision... If at first you don't succeed, try, try again, just not exactly how you tried before; but once you do succeed, consider doing what worked once more.


  1. The big line at school lately from admin has been to think outside the box. I love that you said to stick to it once you have a winning way! Priceless advice!

  2. I love the out of the box thinking going on in here...both from the kids and the PE teacher

  3. That must have been some scene! Love how those kids figured it out!