Saturday, March 12, 2016

Skeeter theater - 3.12 #sol16 Story Challenge

Today's slice of life was inspired by a Twitter chat this Saturday morning. The question posed during #satchatwc was about what animal exemplar might teach us educators a useful lesson. One outside-the-box response came from @teresagross625 who tweeted, "mosquito: risk-taker every time they land on someone." And that reminds me...

It was my first summer living in the West, and a teaching buddy brought me to the Wind River mountain range in Wyoming for an introduction to backpacking. The first day threw unsettled weather at us with high winds and a burst of afternoon hail. When that tumult eased, the thickest swarm of the largest mosquitoes I've ever seen descended on us. We could just about hike at a pace that they couldn't match, but any stop meant we were immediately under attack by countless kamikazes. Some days, we set up camp early, just to have a hideout from these blood suckers. Setting up camp meant a frantic scramble of simultaneous tent popping and bug swatting. Once safely inside our tent bubble, we watched the frustrated mosquitoes bump against the mesh, still trying to get a piece of us.

In that moment, as the August sun preheated our tent like an oven, I didn't feel like those particular mosquitoes were over-matched risk takers. These creatures, instead, guaranteed I was the one literally outside my comfort zone.


  1. I assume your friend forgot that one usually takes repellent along for backpacking. I am one of those who don't get bitten, but we've taken plenty along for anyone who needs it when I've packed and camped with students. I love your start, then segue into the story, clever.

    1. Actually, we were packing (and using) some high-octane Deet, which didn't seem to bother these bugs much at all.

  2. I am literally itching at the thought!! I despise mosquitoes and they LOVE me. They always get me and my daughter- and leave my son and husband alone for the most part. So weird. Love your writing but hate those mosquitoes! You are rocking the Slice of Life by the way! So glad you are here.

  3. Ugh! I hate mosquitoes! Your slice makes me itchy just to read it. I could feel myself in your shoes, setting up the tent and trying to swat the ambush away. Ew!

  4. Oh! All those mosquitoes sounds absolutely dreadful!! I hope they didn't stay for the entire backpacking trip.