Monday, March 7, 2016

There and back again - 3.7 #sol16 Story Challenge

Although this is likely grounds for more than one slice, I need to start somewhere: An inordinate amount of my life is spent getting from one place to another, and I take inordinate pleasure in navigating between any two points without a car.

Let me clear up one thing early on: I'm fortunate to own a car. I use it regularly. That said, I really enjoy hopping the bus, letting a professional driver take the wheel, and losing myself in something good to read. A close second when it comes to transports of transportation joy is moving myself under my own power. That might mean pedaling a trusty bicycle or pumping my own pistons as a hiker, trail runner, or back-country skier. I figure the mental effort to identify a preferred route and the subsequent physical effort to traverse it both have benefits. Plus, endorphins aside, I'm a fan of the calm focus that settles over me when I can distill my chief purpose to: "Keep moving forward."

And when the journey goes awry -- in novel ways it usually doesn't when one's own car is the primary mode -- I figure that's good for honing my resourcefulness. It also deepens my reservoir of patience, at least when not intensifying sudden self-loathing while I dwell on another fine transit mess I've gotten myself into.

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  1. So funny- I am totally the opposite. I lazily rely on Onstar to tell me exactly where to go and even help me reroute myself when I make the wrong turns. I've always been hopeless with directions. Also,so much happier sitting than doing all those active things but trying to get better at that! :)