Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Change, sliced twice

Late last week, a prize from Chronicle Books arrived to mark my luck of the draw in Two Writing Teachers' Slice of Life March Story Challenge. I received a copy of Bigfoot is Missing along with the writing journal on the right. Since I'm due for orthopedic surgery 17 hours from now, I figure either the universe is smiling at me or Chronicle may be running NSA-level surveillance on my blog.

In other news, the school where I teach has been under construction this past year. Part of the just-minted classroom space opened today for our use. It felt magical to see students' faces light up when they noticed the pressboard barrier was gone from the end of the corridor. Their pace quickened, their smiles broadened, and soon they were pinballing around the new hall.

Change can invigorate or daunt or both. As Chronicle's hedgehog cover model might counsel, "Roll with it."


  1. Love your stance - Change can invigorate. Best of luck with the surgery!

  2. So true Brian, so true! Good luck with surgery . . .do what the Doctors tell you :-)

  3. Change is good, and love hearing about the students' excitement. Great that you just received your prize before the surgery, what the doctors ordered? Best wishes!