Tuesday, June 28, 2016

ISTE bits #2

The weekly Slice of Life blogging challenge coincides with my professional-learning binge at ISTE 2016. Let's cut two birds with one slice, so to speak. Here's a Top 10 list of my Tuesday take-aways:

  • Ruha Benjamin encouraged me to check out Chris Emdin's work. Better late than never, think I will.
  • Benjamin also asked, “How do we make our schools laboratories of democratic participation?” I suspect I may keep trying to answer that question for the rest of my teaching life.
  • Michael Fricano introduced me to this GDoc add-on: Highlight Tool, which offers sorting functionality that's different from just re-formatting text color.
  • And this one, which works from GSheets as an intriguing way to bulk analyze student writing in a GDoc and email feedback: Essay Metrics.
  • And this one (also GSHeets-based): Add Reminders. My nascent idea is to suggest students try this for planting proactive planning reminders as a virtual timeline for genius-hour projects.
  • Jackie Patanio made me rethink visual prompts for writing. She shared this nugget: Have students take a selfie that makes a meaningful statement. To that, I'm thinking of asking them to write about what they did and why. (Perhaps record as audio to accompany their photo?)
  • Jason Ohler touted the power of teachers who are "door openers." He said, “No matter how open-minded you are, you’re still [as an adult] a gatekeeper." My refined aim in working with students: Open gates early and often!
  • Ohler also got me thinking more cogently about iterations of the WWW and how those trends might bend education. More on that here.
  • Pernille Ripp pointed me to the Yarn podcast for interviews with authors that reveal process insights to listen to and learn from with students.
  • Ripp also contributed another line to my forever-in-process job description: "figure out what each child needs and make sure they have it." Like identifying gates impeding their progress and what we might try next? Simple. Almost.


  1. Oh I'm jealous! I wish I was at ISTE but grateful to you and the other generous educators sharing your/ their learning. I am a huge fan of Pernille Ripp!

    1. Having been a fan of her blogging & tweeting self... Now, I'm just a fan :)

  2. Wow! This conference sounds excellent. I love the student selfie as a writing prompt. I found out about the Yarn podcasts this summer also. I'm hoping to find time to listen. Sorry about the bad weather; but I enjoyed learning vicariously through these take-always.

  3. All sounds like good takeaways for you and the classroom. I'll bookmark your post and come back to learn about the Google Doc links. Thanks.

  4. Awesome, Linda. Happy exploring. (Note: I edited some of my comments here to show what's GDoc specific & what works from GSheets -- since that wasn't clear at first.)

    1. Thank you! I forgot to note that you must live in Denver, as I do, because of your comment about the hail. I do, too. Wondering where you teach?

    2. Peak to Peak Charter School in Lafayette