Tuesday, October 11, 2016


This is the way the world ends. Not with a bang but a whimper. --T.S. Eliot, from "The Hollow Men"

Monday night, I tuned into Cleveland vs. Boston. The Red Sox have been my team since childhood, though I consider myself a tepid member, at best, of any team-oriented Nation. Nevertheless, October plants in me an urge to get last looks at baseball diamonds before the long winter settles in. So I watched.

I watched the Sox fall behind, inch back, lose ground again. I watched slugger David Ortiz in potentially his last game before retiring, unable to rally his team with anything more than a sacrifice fly. I watched him draw a walk in the bottom of the eight and advance to second on a teammate's base hit. I felt hope flash in this one-run game. Then, I watched Ortiz lifted for a pinch runner who wouldn't advance any further.

Designated hitters like Ortiz are used to doing a lot of watching, I presume. Still, it must feel disconcerting -- near the end of a 20-year career full of game-changing moments -- to have the ninth inning decided outside of one's control. Tactically, the circumstances made sense for Ortiz to leave the game. Emotionally, it was a moment for rueful sighs. Not the end of the world; just the end.


  1. Your slice captured a relatable fear...out of control as the final inning plays out. I watch more soccer than baseball but even I can empathize with such a sorry way to end the game.

  2. I love how you made your Slice of Life orange a baseball!! Clever! Love how you tied the quote to the end of Ortiz's career and the game ending without much ado.

  3. Makes me think of how the little moments in life sometimes mean so much more than the big moments. How many of these do we miss, waiting for something bigger?