Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Rhetorical question

I've got a more unwieldy slice in process about a book I just finished. (Needs more time in the oven.) So, when I heard this news item featured on the radio this morning, I welcomed the chance to compose tiny writing during my commute to work.

If time makes even
Everest stoop, then what chance does
our mortal clay have?


  1. "Tiny writing" can be powerful. Thanks for the link to the interesting backstory of your poem.

  2. I like that term, tiny writing. I may have to employ this technique on days that are void of blogging bits, however, they wouldn't be as thought provoking as yours. :-)
    My mortal clay seems to be stooping a little more each year. Guess I'm in good company with Everest.

  3. I love this bit of tony writing. Sometime the tiny bits help us think more deeply.

  4. I find I write my best when I'm forced to write small. Any time we have to economize our words, it pushes us to do our best writing.