Tuesday, January 17, 2017

There & (mostly) back again

You know the investing disclaimer about past performance being no guarantee of future returns? Well, check out this slice for a nearly literal off-label application.

With my newish knee ligament and the connected parts getting stronger, I've stepped back on skis of the Nordic variety the past two weeks. Six pristine inches of snow and the federal holiday Monday encouraged me to hop on a nearby multi-use path for a shushing jaunt. The outbound journey went a deliberate 2-3 miles. Fairly wet snow and old, neglected skis meant I sometimes had to pause, scraping from the ski bases clumpy chunks, harshing on my meager glide. A small headache, I figured, given the passable ground coverage that meant I could keep skiing. I made even quicker work after turning around to head downhill. That is, until about a mile into my return when first I saw ominous tread tracks; then the surface changed texture:
Turned out, since I'd last passed, all that coverage had been swept aside by a go-getting municipal employee who'd plowed well beyond the sign that threatened (promised?): "End of city maintenance." I milked the soft shoulder for all it was worth before I had to resort to my two feet, clicking on concrete, for the last several steps home.


  1. I was braced to read that you'd fallen and damaged those tender body parts. Whew! Bet it was a joy to be out there again, ice clumps and all.

  2. Awww man! Well at least you were able to get some skiing out of it! :) Those overachieving municipal employees taking away your fun. I love your last sentence here and I can totally hear your feet clicking on the pavement.

  3. Love that ending, Brian! I couldn't help but laugh at the "end of city maintenance" line.

  4. It is frustrating when your plan doesn't work out (which prompted my own slice today), but your story is such a literal, and funny, example of that "past performance" adage. I loved your lead, and how the story developed -- and so good that you didn't have too far to click along instead of gliding. Also, it's good your new knee survived.