Monday, February 6, 2017

Knowledge collage

Eleven quotes, three paraphrased thoughts, and three online resources gathered at last week's Colorado Council of the International Reading Association (CCIRA) annual conference -- listed in order of appearance in front of my brain:

"Never hold a strategy in higher esteem than students' learning." --Douglas Fisher

"I've loved the kingdom of story. I've lived in the awe of words." --Nikki Grimes

"Everyone's a language learner, cultivating word consciousness... Every word is everywhere once you start noticing." --Ashley Maxwell

Reading should be the reward, rather than relying on extrinsic trinkets to prop up reading habits.
--Beth Claycomb

"Denouncing evil is a far cry from doing good." --Philip Gourevitch, quoted by Danny M. Cohen

“Say, you’re teaching 3rd grade… you’re not teaching 3rd grade; you’re teaching all the way from 7th grade to cave man.” --Danny Brassell

Use semantic maps to relate new words to known words, rather than having learners glean out-of-context definitions from dictionaries. --Nell K. Duke

“Reading accompanies you. It goes with you everywhere... Literacy is the most flexible invention that people ever created." --Pam Allyn

“We as teachers get the privilege to assign meaning to data.” --Valerie McBride-Taft

“Humor transmutes pain into meaning and connection. When you laugh, you’re connecting... When you can laugh at something that mortified you, you’ve healed it.” --Jeff Anderson

Two chief types of questions: inquiry questions broaden thinking; probe questions focus thinking.
--Vicki Collet

“Such a beautiful balance in a conference between what do we know and what we think the kid needs. Conferencing is such a subtle series of moves.” --Penny Kittle

“Time is the currency of education. How do we spend special, limited time?” --Kelly Gallagher

Voice is “that ineffable quality that makes writing sound like a real person.” --Kate Messner


  1. Lucky you to be there to learn from all these people! I love Pam Allyn's quote, especially as I try to nudge some of my students toward more reading in the edge reading (I think Kristin Ziemke may have introduced me to that term).

  2. What a great collection .. I found my mind trying to make the leap from one to the next (imagine a huge map, with connector points and pins, and me with a sharpie). That didn't work (I always make a mess of maps). But I loved the quotes, particularly this one:

    "I've loved the kingdom of story. I've lived in the awe of words." --Nikki Grimes


  3. It is these collage of words that kills me when I'm trying to remember the one I forgot to write down. Thank you for sharing them all. Powerful words for just one conference.

  4. Pam Allyn is right -- literacy is the most flexible invention. Thanks for sharing your quotes! Sounds like it was a fun and informative conference!!

  5. Wow! I want to comment on each and every one of these quotes and share them with my students. I've been talking about Kate Messner's idea with them "Voice is “that ineffable quality that makes writing sound like a real person.” I will definitely share that one today while we continue our work on writing nonfiction.

  6. Nice, concise slice with plenty of spice... good food for thought & worth re-reading twice... or more!

  7. This is what makes attending conferences great. You can garner bits of wisdom to ponder and reach for them when you need inspiration. I have a conference next week. I will be listening closely for tidbits to share and inspire.

  8. My favorite for today:
    "I've loved the kingdom of story. I've lived in the awe of words." --Nikki Grime

  9. Thanks for sharing a wonderful way to take away some gems from a conference. So thoughtful of you to share them with us so they won't just be hidden away in your notes...forgotten.

    1. Thoughtful -- and selfish. Part of my processing before the forgetting sets in!

  10. So many nuggets of brilliance you have shared! I read many tweets from that conference. Sounds like it was a great experience.

  11. Powerful quotes... each one touched my heart and pushed my thinking. I'm excited to hear Pam Allyn speak at a conference here on Long Island next month!

  12. Love the quote about the special, limited time we get with students as educators - a great reminder not to take it for granted!