Friday, March 10, 2017

Acceptable regression - 3.10 #sol17 Story Challenge

Until Thursday afternoon, I was not familiar with "The Clean Up Song."

A group of seventh-, eighth-graders and I had spent the majority of a block period in groups creating collages. The project asked for ambitious synthesis as students collaborated with classmates to make a visual commentary on how leaders and citizens both should and shouldn't interact. (These are key themes in both our recent reading and new texts we're starting.) Also, students had to draw connections to their history studies, weaving in Ancient Greek views on government and John Locke's philosophies about human rights.

Near the end of class, there was collage detritus everywhere. Tidying was warranted. In the midst of cleaning, a few students started singing this song that they apparently remembered from preschool. It didn't take long to engulf the entire class: ♫ "Clean up, clean up, everybody, everywhere." ♫ When I chimed in replacing the next 'everywhere' with 'stack your chair,' everyone did, just as the bell rang, dispersing us and our laughter.


  1. So much fun to mingle the tough moments with the funny, light heartedness of a familiar tune. Loved seeing this glimpse into your day!

  2. A chore made simple, and enjoyable. A chance to reconnect with the inner child. All good stuff Brian. 'If you're happy and you know it...'

  3. Everybody can recall the songs of their childhood (or their children's childhood). Certainly a way to let the stress wash away.

  4. Glad you had a few minutes in my world

  5. You can take the student out of preschool but you can't take the preschool out of the student! Ha! I'm impressed by the collage and all the thinking that went into such an endeavor... sounds incredible!

  6. Did they also sing the "everybody do your share" part? Would rhyme well with putting away chairs.

    1. Indeed, they did. The rhyming was tight, filling the class with delight :)