Friday, March 31, 2017

Covering ground - 3.31 #sol17 Story Challenge

"Distance changes utterly when you take the world on foot." --Bill Bryson, A Walk In the Woods

I've been reading and enjoying the book quoted in the epigraph above. Just now, my wife and I went for our own walk on this cool, cloudy, slightly drizzly day. We ambled through an area that caught fire less than two weeks ago.

We meandered and spied some of spring's first splashes of color: pasque flowers.

Though the blackened landscape still smelled of smoldering, we marveled at the green healing before our eyes.

That nod to nature reminds me that it is not in my nature to write every day. However, for the last two Marches, I've given it a go, one metaphorical step at a time.

Thanks, Two Writing Teachers, for hosting this annual party; and thanks to the participants in the Slice of Life Story Challenge, first-timers and long-timers alike, for your contributions to a supportive, welcoming community.


  1. Thanks for sharing your meandering feet and mind. Just reading "Though the blackened landscape still smelled of smoldering" brought back so many memories I associate with that smell. Congrats on another SOLSC under your belt.

  2. Brian! I am a mega Bill Bryson fan. Have you read "Home"??? So inspiring. Love your piece here. The place comes alive in your writibg 😊

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Gillian. This is my first full-length Bryson experience. Will add _Home_ to my to-read list.

  3. One metaphorical step at a time. Lovely line. And oh so true!

  4. You may not think it's your nature to write every day, but your voice was clear every day. Thanks for sharing this month.

  5. Thank you for your support throughout this month! As a first time slicer, I didn't quite make the goal but your consistent commenting was really lovely. Your writing and photos in this slice are lovely - I can totally imagine walking with you. Good luck continuing your writing!