Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Fair to middlin' - 3.15 #sol17 Story Challenge

We're in the middle of March and this daily blogging challenge. (Zeugma!) Hence, middles.

When my wife and I travel by plane, no matter who books the tickets, I sit in the middle. (We have a not-nice name for this spot, which starts with a 'b.') Depending how my wife's mood aligns with the airline's available stock, she might nab a sweet window seat -- all the better for balling up her jacket and leaning her head in a modicum of kinked comfort; or she might rock the aisle, able to sit or stand (almost) at her pleasure.

So then, what's the best seat for me? Next to her, obviously.


  1. Aw, this was sweet! My daughter likes to sit by the window even though she pulls the shutter down, and I prefer to sit by the window, so we take turns.

  2. My sweetie loves the aisle so sometimes when three I have the middle. That next to strangers thing is not my thing. But as with you, the best seat for me, next to him.

  3. This was a sweet slice! Does your wife read your posts each day? Show her this one!