Monday, March 27, 2017

For the birds - 3.27 #sol17 Story Challenge

I walked on the beach today. I watched sandpipers scooting along the tide line. They darted here and there, pecking at tidbits I could not see, stamping forked footprints in the damp sand. Their flitty pace wore me out. 

This scene made me recall the recent Pixar short, "Piper." It's an imaginary animated look at the lives of such birds, one in particular who fears the water. I figure I aped the movie makers in attributing all sorts of anthropomorphic shenanigans to the birds I spied. As one article put it, "All animal animation straddles the fine line between reality and caricature, as directors must create convincing and expressive characters out of their real-world counterparts." That description applies not just to animal animation by the way, but rather most close encounters between me, the amateur naturalist, and creatures in the natural world.

Life can imitate art, sure, and vice versa too -- whether drawn, painted, CGI'd, or even sliced.


  1. This is the second beach-related slice I've read today. I'm sitting here in rainy, land-locked, Central PA. I'm more than three months away from my beach week. And let me tell you, I'm feeling serious envy of those of you who are lucky enough to feel the sand between your toes today.

  2. I love Piper! What an awesome short film that can be used in so many ways in the classroom. I need to see the ocean. :)