Wednesday, March 8, 2017

In passing - 3.8 #sol17 Story Challenge

I could probably write a daily slice just based on what I observe during passing periods standing in the hall among middle-school students. I will not do that -- daily, that is.

Today's scene involved watching two kids trying for several moments to stuff their backpacks into the space above their lockers, just under the ceiling.

I walked over for a closer look. "What's up, guys?" I asked, interrupting their awkward jumps.

"We're trying to put our backpacks away," they said.

"On top of your lockers?"

"Yeah," one student responded. "The science teacher won't let us bring them to class on lab days."

"Why not inside your lockers?" I offered.

Silence for several uncomfortable beats. "Oh, I guess I could do that," one said in a tone that may have sounded like someone commenting on the first pre-sliced loaf of bread.

More downcast, the other student said, "I can't open my locker. It's broken or I forgot the combination at home." Before I could craft a response, he started spinning the combination dial on the locker. "I'll just try some random numbers," he said and then had the locker open in about one second.

My slightly agape mouth had yet to close when both backpacks disappeared, and so did the two students.


  1. So fun to sit back and observe the antics of kids. We know they have potential for great things with their thinking!

  2. I love this post! I am a middle school teacher too, and you're right. We could write every post about the halls during passing period. Thanks for making me smile.

  3. The thing is, you'll never know what they're up to! Haha.

  4. It is so interesting to try to follow kid logic sometimes... It helps us stay on our toes and not get to set in our perspective of how the world works :).

  5. This is hilarious! I love the pacing here. That silence for several beats as they consider this very obvious solution to their problem is so funny.

  6. So funny. You really captured it.