Sunday, March 5, 2017

Movie trivia - 3.5 #sol17 Story Challenge

I'm a sucker for superhero movies, likely driven by deep-seated subconscious experiences from my youth spent reading comic books. So, I went to see Logan. It's violent, intense, and well done in my layperson's estimation. But here's the weird part that stuck with me: Hugh Jackman's nose.

Several shots in the movie get in super-tight on the lead's suffering mug, and I kept finding myself eyeing the tip of his nose. "It's a slightly different color," I mused, distracted. I wondered if it was a prosthesis, part of the makeup to fast-forward his age. I fretted about advancing digital-media resolution revealing such never-before-seen warts.

The quirk lingered long enough in my brain that I did some amateur sleuthing online. Nothing definitive turned up via my cursory search, though there's circumstantial evidence about Jackman's history with skin cancer necessitating multiple surgeries. Guess where.


  1. Oh my goodness... looks like you cracked the case! Your slices are so fun to read.

  2. Ha, that sounds like the exact same thing I would get distracted by.

    I hadn't heard of Logan until this weekend when people kept posting about it. Glad to hear you enjoyed the movie, distracting facial features aside.

  3. It's funny what we get stuck on sometimes! You obviously have an eye for detail :)

  4. The nose knows... like the movie "The Sting"!