Monday, March 13, 2017

Not-at-all-still life, with cell phone - 3.13 #sol17 Story Challenge

The K-12 school where I work has its schedule quirks. One of them is a 15-minute pocket before lunch, which we call homeroom. Typically, it's for announcements and, if the weather's decent, we steal some minutes outside.

Students pinball around. Impromptu variations on tag break out. Assorted projectiles wing carelessly through the air. Amid this tumult, a few teachers pace the field, at this time of year baked to a dusty Serengeti brown.

We stalk like lions, casting side-long glances at our prey -- neither sick nor weak, but furtive. We circle patiently. The moment right, we pounce. Another misused cell phone falls into our hands to be reclaimed at the end of the day. We have, I suppose, our pride.


  1. Such imagery! Love it -- and your pride.

  2. This was a great slice...but I'm still stuck at the beginning where you said "The K-12 school where I work". K-12?! I cannot imagine. So many people have issue with our K-8; I couldn't imagine adding high school!

    1. I wonder: What kinds of issues? (There are challenges, sure, but also opportunities...)