Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Red flag warning - 3.7 #sol17 Story Challenge

In Colorado, the weather sometimes turns blustery. The National Weather Service calls for red flag warnings on days when the wind is up, the ground is dry, and the risk of wildfires increases. Today was such a day in the eastern part of the state, winds swirling, some gusts topping 30 miles per hour. In a meteorological sense: no big deal. Except that I was with a bunch of high-school students and two other volunteer coaches trying to play Ultimate Frisbee.

While a little breeze makes throwing a Frisbee a challenge brimming with limitless fun, the line is not particularly fine delineating where that fun can turn to frustration. Not only did passes not make their way to intended receivers this afternoon, Frisbees sometimes sailed far behind even the initial thrower. Cones marking the field bounced along the ground like orange, plastic tumbleweeds.

Yet, spirits remained bright. We all laughed. We were outside on a sunny day, running around, playing games.

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  1. I remember your ultimate frisbee stories from our time at Liwp... so cool you are coaching.., even on red flag days!