Thursday, March 2, 2017

Shnook with a book - 3.2 #sol17 Story Challenge

Happy birthday, Dr. Seuss, and happy Read Across America Day!

I woke up early, yes, I did.
I shook my head and rubbed my lids.
Teeth were brushed and Grape Nuts ate;
I browsed the newspaper for this date.
Today's first reading won't be my last:
I hopped my bike to catch the bus fast.
Read The Jumbies by Traci Baptiste
as mass transit moved me west to east.
At school, Brown Girl Dreaming, The Odyssey--
Turns out I'm reading 'cross the county.


  1. Fun use of Suess! I love it! ~JudyK

  2. My SOL today was also in honor of Dr. Seuss and Read Across America Day. I love how you took your daily routine and made it in Seuss fashion. Your last line brought the connection full circle.

  3. Pajamas on, I'm off to school,
    Who cares if I don't look cool!
    Read today: there's no excuse.
    Happy birthday Dr. Seuss!

  4. I love it! I love your poem and your book choices too. Love hearing your voice here!

  5. Love reading your poem. I was working my shift at the bookstore today & put up a small sign, but of all the many books we have, I could find no Dr. Seuss. They are still asked for often.

  6. A tip of the top hat to Dr. Suess & you! Green with envy that hamming it up poetically is so nourishing. Thanks.
    !dnuora lla sguH

  7. Very clever. Love the book choices. ps. thanks for the encouragement. I need it.