Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Slice about something slice-able - 3.22 #sol17 Story Challenge

The student with whom I sat to read aloud was eating an apple. He took one more crunchy bite, leaving the fruit looking like the perfect cartoon core that had been gnawed all around. I could see his mind turning, weighing: "I can't keep eating this and be able to read aloud clearly." His mouth working noisily, his eyes scanned the surroundings for an apple landing zone. He contorted himself and set the apple on the shelf behind us. The apple rolled off, but he deftly caught it in midair and replaced it on the shelf. He turned back to me, ready to read. My eyes, though, we're still on the apple. "That's going to be there all day, isn't it?" my brain told me. We went on reading. (An excellent fluent rendition, by the way, with top-notch comprehension from our young apple eater.) We then proceeded to other business; an hour later, our period over, we parted company. It was five hours later when I rediscovered the now brown apple in otherwise unchanged repose.

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