Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Another day, another list - 3.29 #sol17 Story Challenge

Uh oh. Two list blogs in two days must mean I'm getting near the bottom of the barrel for the 2017 Story Challenge... I'll lay the blame for this one at the feet of TWT's Kathleen Sokolowski, whom I've dubbed Inviter-In-Chief. I'm here because of her, in short. Earlier today, she reached out to me and others via a Twitter-Flipgrid combo, asking, "What does the Slice of Life Story Challenge mean to you?" This is what I wrote and recorded in response.

Top Ten Things SOLSC Means to Me

10. My wife sometimes looks at me funny. ("You're writing what?")
9. My repertoire of writing purposes stretches beyond workaday routines.
8. I write daily in March -- and I'll have you know it's a pretty short list of things I've done every single day this month.
7. I read others' writing each day, neither to evaluate nor grade, but just to respond.
6. I'm part of a writing community hundreds strong, with operatives around the globe.
5. As I search for writing ideas, I notice what I'd otherwise overlook.
4. It's opened an unexpected line of communication with my parents.
3. I don't just teach writing. I'm a writer.
2. Unexpected learning, from insightful quotes to recommended reading to classroom moves to cooking recipes.
1. It's a writing sandbox, a place to play with words. Thanks for the opportunity, Two Writing Teachers.


  1. I love your list, especially the items about opening up communication with your parents, and likening writing to a sandbox where you play with words. What do your students say when you tell them about writing being like a sandbox for playing with words?

    1. My students say, "When are you going to grade my sandbox?" ;)

  2. I'm not just a writing teacher, I'm a writer. Because of your encouragements (see #7), I really feel like a writer too.