Friday, March 3, 2017

Window shopping - 3.3 #sol17 Story Challenge

I just got in from window shopping. Literally. Thirty minutes eyeballing double- and triple-panes (pains?); vinyl, fiberglass, and wood frames; this and that other coating; assorted hardware shapes and finishes -- all until those aforementioned eyeballs glazed over in sympathy with the very windows through which they'd been looking. I feel at once grown up and how much I still have to learn.


  1. This made me laugh! Literally window shopping... ha!

  2. So...did you find the window(s) you want?

    1. That's where the window shopping gets figurative, I suppose. Fact finding, for now, with official decision put off 'til later. (We did learn that 'oil rubbed bronze' fixtures come close to what's currently in place...)

  3. I shudder at the thought of you shuttering the windows. Might you call the viper?