Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Would you rather? - 3.21 #sol17 Story Challenge

Would you rather have an uneventful, unremarkable day, just like any other, or one that has quease-inducing ups & downs?

Say, a day that featured a great classroom moment like the student who's so excited finally to hold the printed text that accompanies his audio book, and then an exhausting moment when a knot of students temporarily lose the battle to stay focused; the chance to celebrate by email with the family whose child shows dramatic growth and to celebrate in person with that same child, followed by a gut-punch conversation with a different child about all that's not working in that same class; the simple joy of three kids in one period each checking out books from the classroom library, and after school the simple frustration of trying to corral a dog who'd rather be sampling poop than jogging trails; or, in the evening, digesting a litany of professional shortcomings via email chased by a glowing compliment shared by blog.

You can probably guess the kind of day I had. Now, I'm ready for an unremarkable one.


  1. Yes, I can guess but celebrate the successes because you had many. You also made me smile with this incredible blog.

  2. Here's to the sunshine of the successes and letting the rest roll off your back. We teachers tend to forget all the good and remember the mistakes (at least I do.) Here's to a lovely uneventful Wednesday!!