Wednesday, March 29, 2017

You can't win if you do play - 3.30 #sol17 Story Challenge

Guess what I saw when I flipped down my tray table on Tuesday night:

Considering myself an introvert, I refrained from pressing my flight attendant call button. I did, however, establish meaningful eye contact with the next attendant who walked past during pre-flight maneuvering.

"I'm a lucky guy," I said, wedged into the middle seat in one of the plane's backmost rows. (Irony is rarely lost on me.) I pointed at the sticker and gave a winning smile. "I'm ready for my prize!"

The attendant may or not have rolled his eyes. If he did, the gesture was tasteful in its subtlety. "We'll see if we can find that prize once we're in the air," he said and moved on briskly.

I reverted to introversion, losing myself in Bill Bryson's A Walk in the Woods. No more mention of prizes the rest of the flight; my champion must never have found one. Still, I felt plenty lucky -- having won several days of celebratory family reunion and a ready-made slice.


  1. What an odd discovery on the plane! It seems you were able to watch the moment arise and pass away without too much disappointment!

  2. What a story, Brian. I wonder if it was a hoax? I am glad you got a slice out of that. I hope your reunion was filled with joyful memories.

    1. I think it was legit, Carol, though maybe a contest from a while back that was no longer in play. Out of curiosity, I dug into the hashtag on the sticker, and it turns out I am not the first (or the only) to have this experience.

  3. that's such a random thing to find on a flight! the attendant probably didn't know what the prize was ha. Glad you got some family time :)

  4. Weird that they have that sticker if there is no prize. Lucky for us, you got a slice out of it. The least they could have done is given you an extra packet of pretzels or a free drink.

  5. Well... as a frequent flyer, I think that he could have at least offered you something special to drink or a snack on the house (plane), right? It was his great opportunity to bring some levity into cabin especially for the occupant of an undesirable middle seat.

  6. Maybe the prize was to keep your mind off the flight by wondering what it was the whole time - did it make the flight seem shorter?

  7. Listening to Bryson read Walk in the Woods is certainly a prize, but so are you, my virtual friend. I'll be finding your words like a beacon out here in the ether. You're the BEST!