Monday, September 11, 2017

Celestial & existential

Today, I heard a radio piece about this, which led to me browse this, which led me to write this:

Early in the second year of my career as teacher,
NASA coincidentally launched the Cassini orbiter.

By the time that spacecraft reached Saturn seven years later,
I had relocated west, discovering myself to be a mountain creature.

For 13 lucky years, Cassini became one more ringèd feature,
of that remote planet, its moons pocked by countless craters.

Just shy of a 20th anniversary, Cassini's to be an atmospheric breacher,
disintegrating harmlessly (in theory), not unlike some careers.


  1. We all light
    the sky
    just some of us
    burn brighter
    with impact.

    -- Kevin

    1. As your poem indicates: sacrifices, small and large, often called for.

  2. Let the light soar take your career to new heights, Brian.

  3. Like the Mars rovers
    Teachers need Spirit
    To take advantage of every
    Fueled by their Curiosity
    They can teach forever.