Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Summit descent

Ten days out from attending a local EdTechTeam Summit, I'm still unpacking my learning. Here are five-plus souvenirs I brought back for you...
  • Keynote speaker Amy Burvall reminded me of the beautiful simplicity that mantras unlock: Creating things is fun. Sharing is worthwhile. Play makes learning sticky.
  • Speaking of creating... When digital projects need images or icons, check out Emojipedia or The Noun Project. (Thanks for pointers, Ro Jaimes and Sylvia Duckworth, respectively.)
  • AutoMastery via Mary Ellen West is a clever dot-connecting add-on for those who assess via Google Forms and then want to parcel out differentiated follow-up practice to students.
  • Jessica Loucks introduced me to free coding resources like CS First and Code Monkey that transform computers into more than mysterious -- dumb! -- black boxes.
  • These words from Jeff Heil: “When kids are chasing grades, they don’t take chances. When kids are chasing learning, all they do is take chances.”
What recent learning knickknacks have you collected? You're invited to strew them in the comments!


  1. Thanks for sharing those emojis! I have really learned the importance of sharing my work with kids and giving them time to to share their work with each other.

    1. 'With' is emerging as my favorite preopostion, too, Adrienne!

  2. LOVE the idea of "learning knickknacks"! I will certainly be picking up many learning knickknacks when I attend NCTE later this week.

    1. Have fun, learn lots, share generously, Stacey. Maybe we'll get to learn together when you swing through these parts next year for CCIRA conference...