Thursday, March 22, 2018

Accidental acronym - 3.22 #sol18 Story Challenge

Clustered in the classroom entryway today, three students and I are reading aloud Night by Elie Wiesel. I hear this from one of the readers: "One day when I don't even know was venting his fury, I happened to cross his path."

Come again? Taking one of the pages that's proven useful from Doug Lemov's Teach Like a Champion, I punch the error. I repeat out loud, "I don't even know was venting his fury," except I change my intonation so it sounds like a question. The by-now familiar subtexts of that question: "Is what you said what you really read? Does that actually make sense?"

"That's what's in the text," the student tells me, "I don't even know."

"It's Idek," another student responds, voice tinged with impatience. "That's somebody's name."

LOL. We all do -- though that's not an expression I've associated before with this Holocaust memoir.


  1. Ah! It took me reading twice but I get it. And to think of it, I have read :Nigt" before.

    Now I need to get Teach Like a Champion.


  2. OMG. I had had to read this three times before I understood what he had done. LMAO at the reader, but mostly at myself.

  3. Times DO change. And kudos to you for including the subject & Lemov's approach in your course. .yenruoj efaS

  4. Oh! That took me two reads as well. That is funny! I wonder how often things like that happen and we don't even know!