Monday, March 5, 2018

Acronym anagram - 3.5 #sol18 Story Challenge

Thanks to joining Twitter two-plus years ago, I started participating in education chats. Through one of those, I re-connected with Kathleen Sokolowski, which led me to Two Writing Teachers and regular Slice of Life contributions. Through another one of those exchanges (#sunchat), I revisited a frequent topic in virtual and actual circles: fear of missing out -- a.k.a. FOMO -- that feeling of obligation to participate, likely overextending oneself, or otherwise miss the proverbial party. To avoid stoking any FOMO now, here's part of that thread:

By yesterday afternoon, thanks to more time in the car, I started mentally turning over different and better acronym alternatives to GWIC. My favorite, so far: MOFO, many opportunities for osmosis.

Any time I opt to dip a toe into Twitter's stream, whether for chat participation or just to sample the ideas flowing by at that moment, I learn something. If I choose other channels sometimes or simply to tune out and recharge, those options are okay, too. Equally acceptable is the occasional binge, like the Slice of Life Story Challenge.


  1. I have a Twitter account but I don't get as much out of it as a lot of other people. I sometimes feel I could spend a whole day following threads and chats. 2M2R. Too much too read. I just can't do it all.How do you manage?

    1. I visit a few chats on schedule, like old-school TV programs! Tweetdeck helps me categorize lists of those I follow, so I can glimpse of swath of threads quickly when I'm curious.

  2. I am a web hopper & a newbie blogger. The challenge here is not to spend whole day and choosing one (or two) challenges at a time to participate.

    I like how your and Kevin ( manage to say so much in compact post. Bravity is not my suite.

    Best wishes.