Friday, March 2, 2018

Banff bookends - 3.2 #sol18 Story Challenge

In the first week of March, the Banff Mountain Film Festival came to me. I saw French aerialists surfing a zip-line hundreds of feet above dense forest. I met Apa Sherpa and learned of his quest to enhance education for young people in his native Nepal. ("Without education, we have no choice," he says.) I gawked at a mountain-bike rider pedaling above and underground, over snow and ice. I joined a trio of kite-skiers/kayakers on an unprecedented expedition across untrammeled Greenland. I sat in the cockpit with an Alaskan bush pilot and her young daughter. I marveled at Kilian Jornet, powered mainly by four Snickers bars, jogging and skiing across numerous Norwegian peaks. I cheered both for Nubian ibex as they scrambled up and down steep cliffs to evade a predatory fox and for Maureen Beck as she persevered with her one-legged partner to climb a challenging 5.12 route, single-handed.

In the last week of March, I'll actually be in Banff where I'm predicting tamer adventures.


  1. You post makes me want to grab a big bowl of popcorn and dive into a few film adventures. Good travels to Banff--suggest you tuck a Snickers or two into your suitcase.

  2. Nothing like a little armchair traveling before the real event. I hope you enjoy Banff as much as you enjoyed your BFF.

  3. Adventures abound. Safe travels & write a way! !yojnE

  4. You say just enough to make we want to seek out each of these films. Enjoy Banff, it is one of the most beautiful places on earth.

  5. That is one con of living in small town.

    We have to drive couple hours to attend a film festival.

    Ye to you for attending one.