Friday, March 16, 2018

Buzzer beater - 3.16 #sol18 Story Challenge

I'm vegging out in front of college basketball when a thought occurs: "You haven't written a slice yet today." My eyes flash to the cable-box clock. It's 9:30. I'm not panicked; coolly, I set fingertips to keys so my self-styled streak may proceed.

Can't say the same for #1 seeds in the NCAA tournament. "Guess we've seen it all now," muses broadcaster Jim Spanarkel. Hardly. Whether dribbled or written, that's still why we play the games, to see what there is to see -- including 15 more rounds in this Story Challenge.


  1. As someone who just barely got her slice in under the wire tonight, I empathize. I posted mine on my blog at 12:00 Eastern time on the dot! I loved how you connected basketball and the process of the writing challenge.

  2. I had a similar aha moment at 11:41-I almost missed writing for today as I had fallen asleep. Like Whitney, I empathize. The March Madness grows with each passing set of games. It’s neat to see the college students coming out to support the teams. And to see guys vegging on b-ball!

  3. Net result: He shoots, he scores, swish! !ssescus gnitruoC