Saturday, March 3, 2018

Checklist manifesto - 3.3 #sol18 Story Challenge

Friday night reminded me there are few necessities for a road trip (besides a trusty vehicle and a driver with stamina), but at least eight luxuries worth craving:

  • Pretzels
  • M&M's
  • Dry roads
  • Full tank
  • Empty bladder
  • Wide-eyed moon
  • Lively conversation
  • Radio reception


  1. When I was in college and just beyond, making the 583 mile trek between Austin and El Paso several times a year, my list was almost exactly like yours...except the first two items were Cheetohs (with hand wipes, of course) and Goldfish crackers. Thanks for bringing up those fond memories for me!

  2. I say yes to all of those things. But good weather conditions is #1. Now the day after, with a bit of howling wind, my car could be taken out for a ride... but not yet.

  3. Not only good for a road trip, Brian, but my crazy nor'easter ride home from school yesterday. Sadly I only had three items on your list! :-(

    1. Better than nothing, Christie :) Happy your trip reached home safely.

  4. Fun list! The moon was beautiful last night! Safe travels!

  5. I love the juxtaposition of "empty bladder" and "wide-eyed moon." The prose and the poetry of life right there in two lines! (I also really, really love list slices--to write and especially to read, and so I know I'll be visiting your blog often for inspiration.)

  6. I once drove across country alone. I had a ton of CDs I could sing along with - the kind where you know all the words, even to the obscure songs.

  7. Tnx for reminding me of many CT/FL r/t road trip adventures & the epic "roller shade" saga... with kidos in the "way back" & car top carrier chocker full! !teewS

  8. Agree on all. Used most to navigate home from NYC tonight.

  9. Love road trips! As long as there are snacks 😁