Monday, March 19, 2018

Inception - 3.19 #sol18 Story Challenge

I don't dream much, or at least I can't remember most of the times I do, so this morning's early hours were memorable.

I realized I was in a dream. It involved a conversation with two other people who were simultaneously familiar and unfamiliar. We were seated around a non-descript living room. (I recall a couch with plaid fabric.) We were talking about ski trips. During the chat, I had a distinct thought: "This moment is not happening; I'm actually sleeping in my bed right now."

That intrusive idea proved enough to stir me. I rolled over, checked the alarm clock, which reported some hour that started with a four, and then I rolled back again, content to doze off again for hours.

Minutes later, though, the radio blared, startling me awake for good. I felt disoriented. I wondered how I'd been cheated out of those hours of sleep. Then, I realized the likely truth: my alarm-clock check had been a misleading dream within my dream.

As I said, I don't dream much but, when I do, I get my money's worth


  1. Is this called lucid dream? Or are you so aware that you can interrupt your dreams?

    1. Yes, I had read about this phrase just last week, and it seems the power of suggestion made an impression on me.

  2. My brother in law claims that he can actually manipulate what happens in a dream like this. I hope the disorientation cleared, though it seems to have left an impression.

  3. I never remember a dream. Not sure what goes on in my head when I am sleeping. I never wake up with an idea of what I was dreaming about before the alarm chimes.