Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Observation observation - 3.21 #sol18 Story Challenge

Moment during class Tuesday that might not bear repeating, but it's too amusing not to... Students were making pitches proposing ideas for new elective courses. Each speech lasted about two minutes, and individual or paired presenters rotated seamlessly to the front of the room, having been previously briefed on the random order. Whether speaking or listening, students were locked in, especially considering this was the day's final period. Mean time, I was occupied with rubrics where I hastily jotted PVLEGS feedback for later sharing about strengths and struggles I noticed in their delivery. At one point during a presentation, I heard the classroom door close. By the time I looked up, there was no student coming or going, so I redistributed my attention between the rubric and speaker. "Must be a quick, stealthy bathroom trip," I figured, noting the hall pass no longer hanging in its usual spot. A few moments of presenting passed, and then I heard the muffled squawk of a walkie-talkie summoning someone or other to channel two. That's when I realized our assistant principal had been the stealthy one, sliding into an empty seat by the door to observe the proceedings informally.


  1. Good for that stealth principal. It's not easy to sneak into a speech class. I like the speech idea and see it as a good impromptu offering that could offer some levity to class.

  2. Spring has sprung! Take next week off with the uncarrier! !yojnE

  3. Picked an interesting class to observe.

  4. Brian,

    I thought I left a comment this morning. I must have not click publish. Error caused by lack of sleep?

    Initially I thought the students were discussing the electives that were being planned for next year. Then I read Glenda' comment & realized that it was a speech class and the students were replying to a prompt from you.

    Bet the AP was impressed with your kids.



  5. PVLEGS is beautifully simple, concise & the stuff of empowerment.
    !ovarB. I loved the background insight... especially DECA example.
    !no yrraC