Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Play ball or something else

Before I was a teacher, I was a sports writer, and I still have a softish spot in my heart for that section of the newspaper -- for newspapers as a whole, truthfully, give or take the business pages.

This appreciation for artful writing about games's predictable unpredictability lands April, with its sports smorgasbord, as my favorite calendar month. Among its offerings: the new professional baseball season being unwrapped even as the closing moments of March Madness overrun their eponymous bounds; top-level basketball and hockey leagues upshifting from tedious regular seasons to high-stakes playoffs; and football, which seems to lack any off season of note, ramping up to its annual draft. I might even turn half an eye to the Masters, though golf doesn't rate much above the business pages in my sometimes curmudgeonly estimation.

Yup, it's a heady month to be a sports fan.


  1. I'm a big fan of good sports writing! I usually only read about basketball and baseball, however. Enjoy your rich month of sports news!

  2. There is nothing sweeter than hockey:) I love this time of year- AHL Calder Cup, NHL Stanley Cup- lots of great things to watch and read about.

  3. I just roll from one season to another. I’ve never really read the sports page, but now I will give it an glance.

  4. I am not much of a sports fan, but good writing is good writing - as witnessed yesterday when our read aloud included a chapter about a football game. I channeled my inner sports fan and went to town. I got a few funny looks from kids, but I had a great time.

  5. Give me a book and I am happy.

    Sports on the other hand? Nope.

    Being an aunt and Mom requires me to attend thee games and learn about them. Otherwise, I will be OK never attending any games.

    On a different thought, wouldn't our education system receive a HugE boost if our academic scholars receive as much attention as the athletes?

    Best wishes.


    1. Circling back to this comment belatedly, Purviben. If you haven't seen this link before, it speaks (humorously) to your question... https://youtu.be/dkHqPFbxmOU