Monday, April 9, 2018

The temperature today

You know that temperature?

The one where it rains early -- snows even --
then clears by midmorning so the world feels rinsed shiny-clean
and the spring sun gleams impossibly bright?

The one where the air is Peppermint Patty cool,
yet you can still feel warm solar fingers on your face?

The one where, if you go out running on a trail that has just had enough time to dry out,
you can't keep from smiling.


  1. this is a gorgeous poem and describes somewhat how I felt today. I love this early spring moist, so crisp, so fresh. Perfect weather for nature walks which is what I love to do whenever I can.

  2. A wonderful temperature :) to look forward to after winter.

  3. Today,
    I wander
    with eyes closed,
    keeping all of my senses
    on full alert
    open for the possibilities
    of Peppermint Patty

    -Kevin, a poem as response

    1. Thanks for writing back. Hope you experienced favorable winds.

  4. Your words make me miss spring (living in a land of eternal summer). I especially liked this line: then clears by midmorning so the world feels rinsed shiny-clean
    It sounds too cold for me, but definitely conveyed the refreshing feeling you felt!

  5. oh, we had that day a week or so ago. It's the one that, if it came in August, you'd be freezing, but in April, it is divine.

    1. A different, yet equally valid, theory of relativity :)

  6. Mmm... fantastic imagery here - I feel like you've just described today & tomorrow's weather here. Makes me appreciate it even more.