Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Series of Simultaneously Unfortunate & Fortunate Events

I'm on a cross-country flight, unexpectedly.
I'm reading a book when the flight attendant announces the onboard wi-fi system isn't working, so all passengers may enjoy complimentary DIRECTV by way of apology.
I decide I'll check out the in-flight movies to see what's on that I might've missed in theaters.
I settle on "The Post."
I watch actor Tom Hanks playing Washington Post editor Ben Bradlee say, "The only way to assert the right to publish is to publish."
I reflect on how that's not only true in times of political crisis but also in humble matters of personal writing like blogging.
I write this and press a button that says Publish.


  1. What is true in large things is often also true in the humble.

  2. Ha! I hope the rest of your trip goes as planned (except when the unexpected makes it better) and keep hitting publish.

  3. Publishing takes courage and faith. So glad you pressed the button and safe travels, friend!

  4. Thanks for publishing so many pearls.