Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Pupu platter

I fell off the writing horse last week, and now I'm picking myself up along with fragments I've been gathering this June.

There's this chestnut from Colum McCann in Letters to a Young Writer:“Be a student, not a teacher, even when you teach” (3), which makes me aspire to be a life-long student more than the tritely alliterative life-long learner.

Marcia Tate reminded me of what ought to be cardinal classroom rule: "If you're not modeling what you're teaching, then you're teaching something else."

Kristin Kochheiser tipped me off to Noisli, a tool I suspect might prove useful when students ask whether they may listen to music while they work.

Kevin Croghan pointed me towards the Glossary of Education Reform, so I'll never (hopefully) feel mugged by school jargon again.

Katie Wolfson introduced me to an intriguing question matrix (see second page) that I suspect may support students in generating their own better questions.

Joe Marquez showed me a more elegant shortcut to split-screen displays with the Dualless extension.

Jonathan Gottschall, in The Storytelling Animal, taught me: "Just as flight simulators allow pilots to train safely, stories safely train us for the big challenges of the social world." (58)

And lastly, I learned that southwestern North Dakota is crawling with ticks, which might just be a topic for a later slice.


  1. What great advice!
    This post is a keeper

  2. Hmm, lots of links I want to explore now! This is one thing I LOVE about summer break- the time to try out new learning and file it away for the future. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I sampled from your pupu platter and I may have to borrow this format for a slice. I have a lot of stuff going on. Your collection here gives all those pieces their own space.

  4. I just got back from a hike in northern Minnesota, and I very much fear that I am somehow crawling with ticks--even though I can't see a single one. Horrifying how they disappear and then reappear when you aren't expecting it! I really like this collection of learnings and insights. I am taking a writing class this week and very much enjoying being a student and not a teacher! That is excellent advice.

  5. Brian, this post is just the kind of pupu platter I like-one filled with interesting new delicacies. Noisli sounds like my grandbaby's Owl sleep sound machine that she likes for bedtime. Relax is the channel I like. It is so soothing. Thanks.