Tuesday, August 21, 2018


Three scenes from the week in biking...

My wife grinding her mountain bike up a steep hill one persistent crank at a time, showing my skeptical brain that it can be done.

A swarm of youngsters after school, buzzing around my electric bicycle locked to its rack -- pushing buttons, turning lights on, dinging the bell, giggling in between infectious 'Oohs' and 'Ahs.'

Woman in backwards baseball cap, resting her skateboard on its tail as she confronts a lycraed cyclist on the multi-use path. The only snippet I hear from her as I pedal past: "But you have brakes, so it's easier for you."


  1. The phrase “one persistent crank at a time” has great imagery. I know that sound and that feeling. This short but simple piece would be an excellent example of descriptive language to show my students. I also love that last line.

  2. Nicely described. You "spoke" well, included fashion perspective, mentioned hi-tech influence &, most importantly, infused humor! Gimme a brake! !ti ladep tfoS &
    !gnilims peeK

  3. I love the skateboarder confronting lycra. A cultures clashing on the multi-use path.