Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Play, bawl

Over the last week, I traded in some sleeping for watching Major League Baseball's World Series. The games proved fictional coach Jimmy Dugan wrong: There is crying in baseball.

Especially among Red Sox pitchers: Rick Porcello cried; David Price cried, twice.

Here's what Price said after the clinching game, as reported by The Ringer: “My confidence was never altered through however many seasons I’ve been to the playoffs, however many times I’ve failed in October, however many times I failed in the regular season or against the Yankees. I always had belief in myself and my abilities.”

Growth mindset? Doesn't seem so. Rather, another way to think about the ace's irrational confidence may be as his fixed mindset hardening into an irresistible force, his gritty tenacity fueling dogged repetition more-so than resilient growth. Or what if he's an exception that proves a learning rule, smashing up against failure until he broke through while others might instead grow and change?

Check out this advice his college pitching coach gave him over a decade ago: "You never need to change the way that you play this game." Compare that to the prevailing flavor these days in education... Almost makes me want to cry.

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  1. Ernie Banks' "Let's play two."! came to mind first. Then I recalled, as a +/-10 yr. old, lip syncing to Johnny Ray's classic "Cry" (go ahead, look that one up & listen it!) at a summer sleepover camp! And I just read your link to Price's Vandy coach advice & Price's career. Being both a BoSox & Dodger fan, I couldn't lose &/or be happier with series save for not going a full 7 games. It did go 6 if you count 5 played plus the extra 9 innings on Oct. 26! Whaddagamethatwas! Kudos on your topic this week, brilliant writing style & vocab. selections plus the craft to tell the story. As for your poignant connection to education, I'm there... keep at it, the students/system need integrity, seriousness of purpose, talent & heart! "Tear" (pun enthusiastically intended) 'em up!
    !gnilims peeK & !llab yalP