Friday, November 16, 2018


Who doesn't appreciate a blogging challenge that's a well-timed kick in the writing pants? Well, Mari Venturino, #sunchatbloggers instigator in residence, launched a digital gauntlet for five self-care techniques, and I'm ready to answer her call with #MyRelaxing5:
  1. Run somewhere. Trails clear of wintry residues prove excellent for clearing my mind.
  2. Cook something. When school tumult has spiraled well beyond my control, I retreat to the kitchen where more-or-less precise applications of ingredients, utensils, and temperatures can generate reassuringly predictable results.
  3. Travel somewhere. Escaping my usual frame of reference offers welcome perspective -- on what I'm taking for granted, but shouldn't, as well as anything that might be bugging me, but needn't.
  4. Read something. Losing myself in others' stories has been a fine and long-time way for me to unwind.
  5. Ski somewhere. 'Tis just about the season in these parts, for an activity that helps me connect with friends and focus for a few hours on dancing down the slanted expanse of white in front of me.
There you have my five leading self-care habits. Your results may vary.

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  1. Past performance sure sounds like a good predictor of future opportunities! Run to cook, after reading while traveling to schuss?
    Nicely thought & clearly described. !htlaeh doog ruoy oT !gnilims peeK.