Tuesday, November 13, 2018

World's youngest youngster?

My wife and I took a walk Sunday. It was snowing, and we needed a new disposal to replace an old, leaky unit, so we turned the chore into an excursion, rewarding ourselves en route with lunch out.

Leaving the restaurant, we bundled up against the elements -- knit hats on, puffy hoods up, jackets zipped. We pushed through the door, into the squall, which brought us face to face with a little girl solidly in her single digits, accompanied by (I'm guessing) her dad.

"Hey," she shouted, though we stood close to each other. "Hey," she repeated, now pointing at us. "It's not winter yet, you know."

Um, we knew, and we still like your pluck in the face of Mother Nature's might.

1 comment:

  1. So the youngster was "at your disposal"! Sure makes the grind of life much more exciting & flushed out an opportunity about which to write. Most daily whirpool pressures go down the drain with little fuss if you're plumb!
    !gnilims peeK