Monday, January 14, 2019

Whipsaw pseudo-sonnet

Same day I met a parent to hash out how my interactions with her child
were perceived as piling stress on pre-existing heaps of stress
and, thus, a course change looked like the sole tenable release,
I received a belated holiday card from a separate student

(in the same class, no less) that among other encouragement said this:
"Surprisingly, it is not just the 10 minutes at the beginning of class
that you give the class to read our books that I have learned a lesson from.
I have also learned to work towards my goals..."

I pause to reflect: Ingredients feeding one student's flourishing
echo as identified culprits in another's failing to thrive. 
Has the cliche about one size not fitting all ever landed in sharper relief,
feeling nothing at all like relief?

My brain and heart feel squeezed like accordions
by twists in this knot diabolically Gordian.


  1. I wonder this too- whether one size fits all, and in most cases, it doesn't :)

  2. The stream-of-consciousness lines of your poem echo the thoughts of most teachers I know who are trying their best to reach all of their students, never quite sure they are measuring up.

  3. And, of course, one fit doesn't size all. In the words of the immortal Rhea D. Irected: "One never knows what the letter carrier tolls... he/she tolls for thee."! !doog lla s'tI. !no yrraC

  4. So love your comparisons . . . such is life. We never know when parents or students will share those moments of great impact! :-)

  5. That last couplet is the best! Gordian...accordion. Amazing. And as for the rest of it: yes. Half of my job right now is in Special Education - so I write IEPs that teachers are meant to implement. And sometimes I have to hand over IEPs for kids in the same class that say the exact opposite thing. I sort of thrust the papers at the teacher and run...