Monday, February 25, 2019

Drill, baby, drill

Cajoling middle-school students to remain still and quiet during a fire drill once they've reached their predetermined meeting spot is:
(A) Cruel and unusual punishment -- for all parties
(B) A futilely high bar in service of safety
(C) A stretch worth attempting
(D) A vestigial relic of compliance, perhaps
(E) The necessary means to a noble end
(F) Part of my job

I suspect there's a (G) through (Z), as well, with (Z) representing All of the Above. However, since it's past my bedtime, and I'm fading at the keyboard, I should probably save these later letters for installments during the Slice of Life Challenge that starts Friday...


  1. You could do an entire month of fire alarm slices! We had one when it was POURING rain outside, and in Saudi Arabia that is hard to come by. Hmm. Perhaps I should write a slice myself.

    1. That *does* sound slice-worthy. Your comment also made me think of the novel _A Hologram for the King_ by Dave Eggers, except replace 'Hologram' with 'Fire Drill.'

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  3. Slicing about fire drills for an entire month would be quite the challenge! Although at the elementary level, teachers use fire drills as a shared experience and therefore create class mentor texts for many genre - from small moment narratives to how to texts. Just saying...

  4. Hmmm...I like the noble cause answer. At least you're striving for something essential. I'd love to see a month of fire drill slices!

  5. I agree with the futility; would adults stay silent in that situation? Perhaps a megaphone is in order as part of the routine?

  6. Re. Kristi’s, Chris & Dave’s comments: Fire drill could be a metaphor for the SOLSC. Teaching is full of metaphorical “fire drills,” which reminds me we have the literal kind today 4th period. 😑

  7. So true! I think one of the reasons they talk is because they know it is a drill. I like to hope that, in a real fire, they'd be quieter. Silence is too much to hope for.

  8. Hahaha, I couldn't (can't) stay quiet as an adult. Maybe the aim should be "quieter than you are in the gym"???

  9. I choose f sadly and also I’m feel trepidation for the daunting challenge that is March.