Monday, March 25, 2019

Cloud, nein - 3.25 #sol19 Story Challenge

Fun ski days have been subjects of slices earlier this month. Today offers a different take.

Spring weather means spring skiing conditions, which usually means predictable cycles of melting and re-freezing. A skier who is in sync with this pattern can enjoy soft, slushy slopes; a skier marching to the beat of a different drummer would've been me this morning.

In truth, I blame the stubborn cloud cover for delaying the sun's arrival on the scene. As a result, the snow-pack remained frozen and crusty for longer than expected. Mostly undaunted, I took multiple runs, my molars vibrating in my jaw as my skis scraped their way down the tenacious ice. At first I insisted I could find something worth skiing, but several chattery tries only left me feeling more daunted. So, I bided my time inside for a while.

Still, no sun. The day, though, continued to warm incrementally, and the snow relented a bit, especially at lower elevations. Then, after noon, the clouds started to fray, revealing wisps of blue, and soon the full-strength sun itself. All over the mountain, the snow could fully relax, and so could I.


  1. That spring sun has to build up its strength to push those stubborn clouds away. Perhaps they insist like the skier that this is their place.

  2. "the snow could fully relax, and so could I" - what a great line, and it goes back to your opening, "A skier who is in sync with this pattern...". I like the idea that the skier and nature, at their best, are linked together. Almost makes me want to try downhill skiing again. Almost.