Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Fried-dough-jà vu- 3.5 #sol19 Story Challenge

On the bus to school Tuesday morning, I read Susan Kennedy's delightful slice about pączki. [Editor's note: I was going to type 'pączkis,' but I think that'd be redundantly plural...] I had one question by the end: how to say the name of that Polish pastry. So, I left my query as a comment on Susan's blog.

Fast forward about seven hours and, during the last passing period of the day, the health teacher (ironically) walks down the hall carrying a square red-and-white box, just like the one Susan pictured. It contained two uneaten pączki. "Want one?" he asked. "Or part of one?"

I said, "No, thanks, but I was reading about these this morning." His eyes widened. "How do you pronounce the name?" I asked, and he pointed to a phonetic version on the side of the box: pawch-key. My word-nerd brain left the exchange satisfied, if not my tummy.

p.s. Susan, I since caught up with your reply and the video link I overlooked previously.


  1. You have great self restraint. I also read Susan's slice . I've heard of pączkis but have never seen or eaten one. I would never have had the strength to say no to a slice. I'd have been too curious to say no.

  2. I just read *another* slice about donuts - vanilla cream from Dunkin Donuts to be exact. How am I supposed to go to sleep when you people keep describing donuts?

  3. How did I miss this shout out? I admire your self control. My, look at you, Paczki expert.