Thursday, March 7, 2019

Giant pane - 3.7 #sol19 Story Challenge

This slice starts at some vague point in the fall of 2017. It should've ended today.

Windows where I live, including some beefy patio doors, had been replaced. Cut to the summer of 2018, and one of those sliding panels wasn't sliding as effortlessly as one might hope. Scuffing became apparent on the frame and glass of the fixed pane, which precipitated a call to the installer while still under the warranty's umbrella. An inspection revealed warping of the frame. That meant a replacement in 6-8 weeks, minimum. With some difficulty, that appointment got scheduled, only to have the crew arrive and diagnose within five minutes that they had the wrong colored part, black and dark brown being unsurprisingly close in hue -- though not so close one wouldn't notice. Two months later, give or take, presented the next attempt, this time the crew lacking a requisite tool to do the job without causing more damage. "We'll just leave the replacement fixed panel on your patio," they said, "and we'll arrange to come back." The third time, the alleged charm, was slated for today. The issue on this occasion turned out to be a sliding panel with the wrong measurements. We haven't pinned down the date for a fourth try yet, but open-the-windows season feels like it's hurrying near.

To be continued, not necessarily via slice-of-life blog.


  1. Fourth time is a charm!! My favorite....beefy patio doors!!!

  2. So, things are not sliding along? Not going smoothly? When a door closes somewhere there opens a window? It's frustrating that things like this are such a pane... (Ok, I'll stop. Hope they actually fix the door!)

  3. Sometimes a door is ajar! That'll cover it! ?daye yssalG
    !dnuora lla sguH

  4. I had forgotten how that additional Rozinsky comment makes my day. Sometimes a doors a jar!?🤣 guess you will just have to let it slide.