Monday, March 4, 2019

GoToMeeting - 3.4 #sol19 Story Challenge

I attended at least three meetings today: The first was with a team of educators whose focus is student support; the second involved an appointment after school with an eighth grader making his first office-hours appearance this semester; the third meant sitting around a conference table with the school accountability committee.

None of these gatherings began or ended on time. In many professional worlds, this is neither new nor unique, yet it's a problem -- one with cascading consequences for managing finite time and maximizing productivity in the face of infinite work.

What did I (re)learn from today's tangle? The importance of a decisive agenda with defined purposes. The need to tailor that agenda to match allotted time. The value of a timekeeper whose responsibility is keeping the group safely within the guardrails of the agenda's timing. The responsibility to communicate one's own comings and goings responsibly, proactively to larger groups, and then stick to one's scheduling guns.

What have exemplar or disastrous meetings taught you?


  1. I skipped today’s faculty meeting because I just could not deal w/ this type of nonsense. I had surgery last Wednesday, had grades to post by 8:30 this morning, found out Friday I’m teaching a class I have not taught since the previous century, and have huge dual credit speech classes to manage. I figure w/ retirement three months away I’m entitled to miss one poorly run meeting.

  2. Dear God - that question is worth a slice of its own. My husband is a bureaucrat & often attends meetings for most of the day. There is no way I could do his job. I would lose my mind. Meetings: agenda, purpose, focus & done. That's ideal